True tropical scent
with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

We all know coconut, we have used it in one way or another. Combining Shea Butter with Coconut Oil we have created the superb moisturizer worthy even for the most heavily dried skin.


Shea Butter from Ghana,
Jojoba Oil from Perú and
Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka

Cold-pressed Shea Butter carefully expressed from the nuts of the African shea tree, thriving in the tropical region of Ghana.

Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil obtained from the seeds of jojoba plants, flourishing in the Pacific coastal area of Perú.

Cold-pressed Coconut Oil expressed from the white kernel of ripe coconuts, thriving in the tropical climate of Sri Lanka.


*Butyrospermum parkii butter (Shea Butter), *Cocos nucifera oil (Coconut Oil), *Simmondsia chinensis seed oil (Jojoba Oil).

*Certified organic ingredient.


Excellent for whole body massage,
gives extra glide and moisture

Apply a small amount to the body.
Suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Shea & Coconut Butter



Coconut Oil forms a protective film on the skin, while cold-pressed Shea Butter provides deep hydration. We mixed these two oils together with Jojoba Oil at a temperature below 40°С in order to create a rich and soft blend that is easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin.

90 g